CPE Self-Study

IFRS Certificate Program
The IFRS Certificate Program includes a comprehensive, integrated curriculum of 25 online self-study courses. This scenario-based series of courses use multimedia elements such as audio, video and interactive exercises and case studies to guide you through the concepts under each area of IFRS.

IFRS Standards: Financial Reporting in a Global Environment
Updated with amendments issued by the IASB, this CPE course will allow you to understand how to apply specific IFRS standards in financial statement preparation and will help you gain a core competency in IFRS as the acceptance and adoption of IFRS grows.

Recognition, Measurement and Reporting of Financial Instruments Using IFRS
This course will enhance your understanding of basic recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure concepts and the application of financial instruments.

Understanding IFRS Guidance for Financial Statements, Interim Reporting and Cash Flow
The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the accounting policies as described in IAS 1, IAS 7, and IAS 34.

Financial Reporting Regulatory Environment: IFRS Governance and Conceptual Framework
The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the Preface, the Conceptual Framework, and forthcoming updates to the framework.